Sophie Lemière

Research Expert - France - Cambridge, MA, USA


Sophie Lemière is a specialist in Malaysian politics, anthropologist-political scientist. His research focuses on questions of power, domination and legitimacy, and especially populist and / or autocratic leaders. Her work also addresses the relationship between religion / politics / public sphere, democratic transition, relations between crime and politics, the political marginalization of minorities and vulnerable populations (women, LGBTQI, indigenous people). She is the founder of the World Wonderers organization in Malaysia.


  • Lemière S.

    Minorities Matter: Malaysian Politics and Poeple 3

    SIRD and ISEAS
  • Lemière S. - 2017

    Illusions of Democracy: Malaysian Politics and people Volume 2

  • Lemière S. (dir.) - 2014

    Misplaced Democracy. Malaysian Politics and People


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