Marie Rebeyrolle

Professional Expert - France - Ile-de-France - Paris


Doctor in social anthropology and ethnology, holder of a DEA in philosophy and a DEA in psychoanalysis, trained in psychosociology, member of the board of the French Association of Anthropologists, of the editorial board of the Journal des anthropologues and of the French association of professional speakers, Marie Rebeyrolle has been supporting managers and their teams for twenty years. She founded Carré Pluriel specializing in anthropology applied to support for change in business.


  • Rebeyrolle M. - 2009

    La capacité de migrer

    Journal des anthropologues
  • Rebeyrolle M. - 2006

    Utopie 8 heures par jour

  • Rebeyrolle M. - 2006

    Acteurs solitaires ou solidaires dans l'entreprise d'aujourd'hui

    L'homme et la société

Media appearances

  • Les Echos - 2017

  • Les Echos - 2016

  • Les Echos - 2016