Claude Winnie Pefolé F.

Research Expert - Cameroon - Bafoussam


Claude-Winnie PEFOLE is a lawyer by training, a magistrate by profession and a specialist in gender issues, specifically the legal aspect. Doctoral student in law at the University of Douala, she published a book entitled “Disabled-e” to describe and denounce the condition of women in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, she has several scientific articles to her credit on the issue of women's rights. She has also set up an association called ReKnow, active in the fields of development and empowerment of women and young girls.


  • Claude-Winnie Pefolé - 2020


    Le Lys bleu/ Les éditions du net
  • Claude-Winnie Pefole - 2020

    La réforme de la protection de la femme par le législateur pénal camerounais: la femme éternelle lésée des textes représsifs?

    Les annales du Colloque national de droit pénal