Dimitra Laurence Larochelle

Research Expert - France - Ile-de-France - Paris


DL Larochelle is a doctor in SIC (Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris 3). Her thesis focuses on the reception of Turkish television soap operas by Greek female audiences and is at the crossroads of the sociology of media, gender and audiences. His areas of interest are media cultures, cultural identities, fan studies, digital uses, media representations and the reception of cultural works through the prism of gender. She is currently Youth Representative of the International Sociological Association at the United Nations.


  • Dimitra Laurence Larochelle - 2021

    Le soft power à l'épreuve de la réception . Le cas des fictions sérielles turques en Grèce

  • Dimitra Laurence Larochelle - 2019

    "Brad Pitt Halal" and the Hybrid Woman: Gender Representations and Religion through Turkish Soap Operas