The Gender Experts

The Gender Experts platform is a free and worldwide database of women experts on gender equality. The website allows the media and event organizers to have access to the contact information of these experts. The experts are researchers, leaders of associations or professionals of a sector integrating a gender approach in their activity.

This website was launched in 2021 by the groupe Egaé, a french consulting, training and communication enterprise with expertise on gender equality, the fight against discrimination and the prevention of sexist and sexual violence. The objective is to participate in making issues related to gender equality more visible and to enhance their value. These issues are at the heart of the public debate, particularly thanks to international mobilizations for the rights of women and girls.

The Gender Experts platform was created within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum, thanks to the financial support of Focus 2030. This association accompanies actors of the international solidarity sector to help them achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the fight against poverty and inequalities in the world.

Les Expertes

The platform Les Expertes is the first free, 100% digital database of all French and Francophone women experts. In 2020, only 41% of the experts invited to appear in the French media were women. Les Expertes project offers a unique database of women researchers, business leaders, presidents of associations and heads of institutions.

Les Expertes websites list four profiles of women experts: Professional, Research, Civil Society or Journalist.

  • The “Professional” experts are specialists in all professional sectors (health, justice, housing, agriculture, etc.) in charge of a federation or union in their sector, or who have published at least one book or article related to their professional activity.
  • The “Research” experts are academics and researchers who have published in a scientific journal.
  • The “Civil Society” experts are women holding executive responsibilities in an association, a trade union or an institution.
  • The “Journalists” experts are editorial journalists or specialist journalists who have published at least one book, documentary or series of articles on their area of expertise.

The website does not list elected women politicians or women working in an association attached to a political party.

Tired of being systematically answered “There are no women experts! “, Marie-Françoise Colombani and Chekeba Hachemi, a French journalist and an afghan diplomat, created the first paper version of the Guide des expertes in 2012, with the agency EpOke. Le Guide des expertes became the website in 2015, under the impetus of the groupe Egaé. The project is supported by many partners, including thirteen French media and press groups.

Les Expertes project became international in 2017, with the creation of the Expertes Francophones platform. The websites Expertes Tunisie, Expertes Algérie and Expertes Cameroun were launched in 2018.