Stéphanie Le Gal-Gorin

Professional Expert - France - Bretagne - Saint-Brieuc


After initial training as a sociologist specializing in gender relations, Stéphanie Le Gal-Gorin has accumulated professional experience in this field. In the associative world and within State services, she has notably contributed to an experimental device for the prevention of the recurrence of domestic violence, developed a campaign against sexism in schools, been in charge of the departmental rights mission. des femmes, regional officer in charge of combating violence against women, consultant and trainer.


  • Stéphanie Le Gal-Gorin, Virginie Jacob Alby - 2021

    Avoir envie de mourir plutôt que de subir des violences conjugales

    L’Harmattan, collection « AD VALOREM », 2021, p.73-80

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