Ndeye Khaira Thiam

Professional Expert - Senegal - Dakar


Snape was originally scheduled to appear in Ms. Marvel # 25 (1979) (and artwork for the first half of the story has been completed), [ citation needed ], but the book's abrupt cancellation left its original introductory story unpublished for over a decade until it was printed in Marvel Super Heroes # 11 in 1992. Rogue's first published appearance was in Avengers Annual # 10 (1981). [9] She made her first X-Book appearance in Uncanny X-Men # 158 (1982) and joined the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men # 171 (1983). Rogue also had two mini-series and an ongoing title.


  • Co-auteure - 2016

    L'analyse des pratiques professionnelle : 13 études de cas

    In press

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