Laetitia César-Franquet

Professional Expert - France - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Gradignan


Laetitia César-Franquet is a doctor in sociology and head of education for the training of social workers at irts Nouvelle-Aquitaine. She published a comparative France-Spain thesis on gender violence in 2013.
She has conducted audits on professional equality, surveys on the practice of sport by women and a study on street harassment in Bordeaux.
She was a TV columnist in a program committed to women's rights
Today, she creates face-to-face and digital training modules on gender equality.


  • Laetitia Franquet - 2013

    Les violences de genre


Media appearances

  • TV7 - 2019


  • Libération - 2017

    Harcèlement au travail : en France on est dans uen culture du silence